Pro Thai Pad Curved


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The Razor RX 7 Series leather Thai pad encompasses all the fundamental elements of a professional training aid for drawing in and countering those Knee and elbow strikes.

The Lightweight shock absorbent padding has been constructed with various foam layers for a greater cushioning effect to absorb and deflect those heavy blows whilst having a secure grip on the pad.

The two re-enforced straps to the forearm and wrist fix together with a hook and loop closure allowing for a multi adjustment setting for correct arm support and the well-padded leather handle allows you to maintain a sturdy grip at all times.

All the product seams have been re-enforced with double stitching and using only quality thread.

The Arm straps have a double lined loop system incorporating heavy duty webbed strapping and internal materials sewn beneath the outer material surface to ensure a more durable locking strap mechanism around the forearms.

Code/CC-241, Size U

Size 40cms x 21.25cms x 7.5cms

Weight 1.1kg

Sold as a single unit

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