Power Rack - Grey or Black

Jordan Fitness

  • £1,803.72

This is the ultimate all-body Power Rack, that comes at a great price for all it includes and offers more working room than comparable power racks/cages.

  • Commercial quality power rack with additional add-ons including Dip attachment, designed to build strength and increase performance
  • Perfect for an extraordinary amount of upper-body and lower-body exercises including squats, barbell bent-over row, barbell curl, pull-ups and overhead press
  • Oval steel construction – specifically the upper bars – is ideal for bodyweight suspension systems like Jungle Gym XT
  • Includes the following: core plate/land-mine functional trainer (built in); removable dipping bars; six integrated band training loops for progressive resistance (both top and bottom); 11-bar racking height adjustments; large internal training area of 925mm; eight integrated weight storage bars (50mm); and narrow 30mm-grip chin bars with non-slip grips
  • Height 2,445mm, Width 1,290mm, Depth 1,680mm