Ignite V2 Urethane Dumbbells

Jordan Fitness

  • £20.40

New and completely unique to Jordan, our improved anti-roll design makes these Ignite Urethane Dumbbells ideal for free weight areas, whether on a yacht or on land.

Made from quality urethane, this new improved shape is available in a variety of sets including 2.5kg and 50kg.

  • Unique design prevents rolling, and so ticks both safety and tidy boxes 
  • Heat-treated, brushed steel handles extend durability over chrome versions and add strength
  • Features premium, encapsulated polyurethane so not an end cap in sight 
  • Great for a huge number of upper-body strength exercises, from shoulder press through to chest press and bicep curls 
  • Superior five-year warranty 


Set 1: 2.5kg-25kg (2.5kg increments 10 pairs)

Set 2: 27.5kg-37.5kg (2.5kg increments 5 pairs)

Set 3: 40kg-50kg (2.5kg increments 5 pairs)

Set 4: 2.5kg-50kg (2.5kg increments 20 pairs)

Set 5: 2.5kg-30kg (2.5kg increments 12 pairs)

Set 6: 1kg-10kg (1kg increments 10 pairs)