Elite Steel High Performance Olympic Bar

Elite Steel High Performance Olympic Bar

Jordan Fitness

  • £225.48

Perfect bar for explosive exercises like snatch, clean and jerk and deadlifts. 

Product Information

  • Tough and hard-wearing bar constructed from spring steel with a durable brushed-steel finish featuring tensile strength 185,000psi. 
  • Weighs 20kg. Length 2,200mm, Diameter 50mm
  • Premium grade bearings with dual knurling for smooth, reliable lifts
  • Ideal for a number of power-based, all-body exercises like snatch, power clean, clean and jerk, deadlifts, overhead press and many more
  • Optimal weight and diameter to meet competition standards and tested to exceed 750KG. 

Great For

  • Performing the Olympic Lifts – Snatch, Clean and Jerk - the Modified Lifts – Power Clean and Power Snatch – and the Olympic Pulls
  • Practicing for weightlifting competitions - optimal diameter and weight to meet competition standards
  • All standard resistance exercises, like the Squat, Deadlift, Row and Overhead Press