Air Coaching Pads

Air Coaching Pads


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The AMT CX-7 Series Air pads are made from genuine leather and a combination of flexible lightweight materials allowing them to flex naturally when the inner foams are being compressed. The foam layer padding is constructed to create an air cushion that gives on contact allowing a greater absorption of pressure when the pad is being struck and ensuring it reduces the impact to protect both the opponent and the user,

Additional padding has been layered around the edge of the pads so as to counter the opponent’s punches forcing them to bob and weave effectively.

The integral part of the mitt incorporates an anti-slip material that allows additional grip to the fingers reducing further movement of the pad when struck.

The outer finger area is perforated for ventilation allowing the anti-microbial moisture wicking material to aid cooling and hygiene.

A good lightweight pad for personal trainers and coach’s a like adding confidence and comfort to any class session.

Code/CC-114, Size U

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