10 Pair 2 Tier Dumbell Rack - Black or grey

Jordan Fitness

  • £510.30

Our new horizontal dumbbell racks are stronger and more stylish than ever
before, featuring a one-piece curved leg design and storage for up to 12 pairs
of dumbbells.

  • An EU and UK Registered Design, this rack features a curved steel
    frame with plastic saddles to prevent damage to your dumbbells
  • Two-tier racks can house any range of 5, 10 or 12 pairs of dumbbells
    (excluding hex dumbbells)
  • All racks can be linked/ daisy-chained together to provide a continuous
    rack for larger commercial gyms with heavier dumbbell sets
  • Available in two standard colours, Graphite Grey or Matte Black, or
    choose to powder coat in any colour to match your own brand
  • One-year warranty 


5 pair rack H:760mm L:1240mm D:608mm
10 pair rack H:760mm L:2450mm D:530mm
12 pair rack H:760mm L:2976mm D:530mm

     *Dumbbells not included