Tyre Squared - Available in various weight options

Tyre Squared - Available in various weight options

Physical Company

  • £1,260.00

Taking inspiration from the popularity of tyre flipping, but with a square twist! The Tyre2 takes the typical round tyre to new levels. It still delivers immense whole body strength and power gains and also benefits from a more practical side, 4 in fact!

The Tyre2's unique design means that when flipped it will fall in a predictable direction, and will never bobble meaning it may be used on the gym floor, in classes and in close quarters with other clients. Its flat surface allows users to also complete plyometric training.

A large area in the middle of the product to allow users to carry and lift without being restricted by the inner shoulder of the circle

All straps are connected to steel clasps welded to a steel box section and built to ISO standards to ensure they will not snap off in a few years

Soft yet extremely tough and durable

4 weights allow regressive and progressive options

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