TuffTech Rubber Dumbbells (Pair)

Physical Company

  • £8.47

WeightA staple in any strength zone. Dumbbells offer the variety and opportunity to strengthen and condition any muscle in the body for a complete total body training. Having to stabilise the dumbbell through the full range of any exercise activates stabilising muscles to aid in the full movement of any exercise, improving co-ordination and.

The Rubber Dumbbells heads have been manufactured from robust Solid Steel covered in premium precision cut rubber.

The subtle stylish ends help protect gym floors and studios from damage. For maximum grip, the chromed handles are knurled yet remain comfortable to handle.

It’s subtle hexagonal design means that it will not roll away when on the floor.

Commercial grade rubber encased dumbbells, designed with clean aesthetics.

Knurled straight handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure grip

Raised numbers for easy weight identification

Sold in pairs !

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