Technique Box

Technique Box

Jordan Fitness

  • £906.00

Great for beginners and improvers alike, these Olympic Weightlifting Technique Boxes (Power Jerk Blocks) allow users to alter the height when learning the pull sections of the ‘clean’ and ‘snatch’.

  • Superb training tool that’s a great starting point for learning and training Olympic Lifts, Modified Lifts and Olympic Pulls
  • Strong wooden construction holds any weight with stoppers preventing the weight bar from rolling off
  • Handles on the narrow side ensures easy movability
  • Helps the athlete start each repetition from an equivalent position to their hip, thigh, knee or shin, gradually progressing to a full repetition from the floor
  • Box sizes include 5.7cm, 15cm, 30.5cm and 38cm with a total stack height of around 90cm. Possibility of 13 different height combinations

Sold as a set of 8.