Reebok Hollow Bar with Nylon Coated Steel


  • £30.00

Reebok Rep Set Bar Features

  • This solid steel bar is tough and durable
  • 140cm long and 30mm in diameter
  • The Reebok Rep Set Steel Bar is tough and durable and can be used with either vinyl or rubber rep plates
  • Designed to work with the Rep Set for quick and easy changeovers

Reebok Premium Rep Sets are designed to be used regularly within commercial environments and gym classes such as Les Mills BODYPUMP™ - the original barbell class where participants use light to moderate weights with high repetition.

The user can easily select their desired weight for their workout and change them throughout to tailor the bar for specific exercises. Rep Discs, in either 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg or 10kg, are loaded on to the bar and secured in place with muscle clamps (sold separately).

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