PU Dumbbell Sets with Vertical Racks

Physical Company

  • £806.70
  • Save £89.63

Equip your strength zone so its ready for action with these strong and sturdy Vertical Racks and ultra-durable Polyurethane Dumbbells.

Maximise storage in your strength zone whilst promoting use with this open planned Vertical rack. This rack has been manufactured from high-grade solid steel whilst its dumbbell cradles have been fitted with commercial grade rubber.

Two racking options available with both 10 and 16 pair racks available.

Our durable Polyurethane dumbbells feature knurled handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure grip. The stylish ends will help protect your studio/gym floor from scratches and feature raised numbers for easy weight identification.

Our PU dumbbells have been drop tested over 6,000 times so we know they can withstand heavy use in any heavy lifting environment.

Vertical racks can maximise storage space whilst promote dumbbell usage

Constructed using high-grade steel for durability

Brushed solid steel dumbbells covered in Polyurethane, which can withstand high commercial use and reduce scuffs and marks on studio or gym floors

Polyurethane Dumbbells' chrome handle has been knurled for maximum grip

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