Precor Upright Bike - UBK885 Experience Series

Precor Upright Bike - UBK885 Experience Series

Physical Company

  • £6,769.44
  • Save £752.16

- Ultra stylish Upright bike with a ergonmic design for maximum comfort

- Easy to maintain and service

-Compatible with the advanced 880 Line Touchscreen, P80 Console, which offers a truly unique experience

Experience Series Explained

With a choice of three console options, including the engaging and intuitive 880Line touchscreen, the Experience Series cardio line gives operators the proven, reliable performance that they count on. Each piece delivers the personalised exercise experience and entertainment choices that their member’s seek.


Make a statement about your facility with the UBK885 upright bike.

Ultra-stylish meets practicality. The UBK 885 is designed with ease-of-use smooth pedalling and biomechanically correct geometry to ensure proper form mixed with innovations for a truly immersive and safe workout experience.

Equipped with the futuristic 880 Line console, P80 console, an intuitive interface that offers premium entertainment options with workout data that draws users deeper into their workout.

Get pulses raising with the UBK885.

Features include:

-Upright bikes with a simple, one handed seat adjustment.

- Touch heart rate monitor offers workout feedback

-Compatible with the advanced P80 console offering a variety of exercise programs and entertainment options

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