Precor TRM835 Treadmill - Experience Series

Precor TRM835 Treadmill - Experience Series

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  • £7,901.28
  • Save £877.92

- Designed for commercial facilities and renowned for its performance and durability

- Integrated with the 830 Line console, the P30, that offers in-depth analysis of your workout along with mobile device charging options

-Intuitive technology ensures cushioning and support for joints

Experience Series Explained:

With a choice of three console options, including the engaging and intuitive 880Line touchscreen, the Experience Series cardio line gives operators the proven, reliable performance that they count on. Each piece delivers the personalised exercise experience and entertainment choices that their member’s seek.


For those who take their running seriously; that want to see results and reach their goals. The TRM835 is the premier treadmill. The TRM835 Line was constructed with the user in mind including Precor's experience enhancing technology including Precor's Ground Effects Impact Control System GFX. This technology personalises the workout experience cushioning and supporting the runner, while the Integrated Footplant Technology measures the natural foot speeds and matches the users every stride.

Features include

- Compatible with Precor's P30 Console that offers the most in-depth analysis and entertainment options

- Advanced technology lowers the risk of injury

- Offers truly immersive and personalised experience

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