Precor Spinner Rally

Precor Spinner Rally

Physical Company

  • £1,079.14
  • Save £119.90

- Built on an all-aluminium frame to withstand the extreme levels of use

-Improved technologies for improved feel and experience

-Ideal for smaller facilities offering 10 or fewer spinning classes

up with the pacesetters of cardio equipment to bring you Spinner Bikes like never before.

The Spinner Rally was manufactured to look good while being able to withstand constant use. Forged with an all-aluminium frame, it includes high-quality ground welds in high sweet areas for moisture protection and finished in a smart semi-gloss metallic black to ensure it can meet the demands of customers whilst being the best looking indoor bike.

Continuously tested and improved upon Spinner Rally’s aerodynamic design exudes style, while being equipped with thread-less tapered pedal and crank connections for increased quality.

Includes integrated resistance and is packed with technologies to enhance fit, feel and overall experience.

Spinning Studio LED console sold separately.

Features include

-Available in both chain drive or belt drive

-43lb weighted flywheel for superior feel

-Easy to clean and maintain

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