Precor Plate Loaded Hack Squat

Precor Plate Loaded Hack Squat

Physical Company

  • £3,512.16
  • Save £390.24

  • Solid and smooth design
  • Curved foot platform
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty solid steel tubing and finished with premium-quality upholstery with powdered protective top coat finish

 Make your strength equipment investment in confidence with this Precor Discovery Series Plate Loaded Hack Squat

Adding value to your strength zone, this Hack squat combines peak performance with durability to deliver an unrivaled exercise experience. Manufactured with heavy-duty steel tubing which is welded in all structural areas to withstand the most severe environments.

Innovative Design

The DPL0603 places the exerciser in a more natural and comfortable position, due to is unique seat design

This design eliminates loading of the shoulder and the resultant compression of spine - the resistance load is placed directly on the hips, where its better stabilised and recruits lower body muscles more effectively.

Easy entry and exit makes this piece of kit accessible to users of all abilities. The curved, non-slip foot platform provide a secure platform that includes a built-in calf raise lip.

Maximising Storage

Weight plate storage is optimised for easy loading and unloading of weight plates with horns positioned a height that is within easy reach for exercisers.

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