PowerWave 2.0 Spartan (12kg) Classic

Jordan Fitness

  • £140.00

PowerWave™ 2.0 Spartan (12kg) is the ideal weight for men wishing to get in the best shape of their lives, with a leaner toner body when doing the Wave20™ workout. Ladies can use this weight when doing the Beast-Reps workout if their goal is for gaining bigger size and maximum strength.

What is PowerWave?

PowerWave™ is a multifunctional training device that is revolutionary by design allowing a complete body workout that is guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength and physical endurance to achieve a desirable shape in just 20 minutes. Athletes all over the world are now adopting the PowerWave™ into their daily workout.

  • Enhances core strength, muscle development and endurance
  • Increases metabolic rate, which results in accelerating fat loss
  • Enhances rotational movement promoting joint flexibility
  • The amount of exercises that can be performed using the PowerWave™ are endless
  • Superb benefits for any gender, age or fitness level
  •  Portable and easy to store 
  •  Unique shape will enhance speed and agility in a way that free weights and static machines cannot.
  •  The PowerWave™ enhances specific fluid movements to minimize impact on joints and ligaments. 
  •  Each PowerWave™ is subject to rigorous checks to ensure maximum durability at an affordable price. 
  • Recommended for Athletes 140-210lbs
  • Static Weight: 12kg

Your PowerWave™ purchase also gives you access to:

• 20 minute Workout videos

• Nutrition Plans

• Instructor finder

• Journey Share (A fitness platform where you can share your journey with over 15,000 PowerWave users)

If you become a PowerWave™ licensed instructor, you will also be able to access:

• PPL and PRS free music timers (depending on what level of qualification you are)

• Access to various movement libraries

• Marketing material to promote classes

• A platform to advertise your classes so you can be found by all other PowerWave App users

• A rating system so your customers can provide feedback and you can view other Instructors feedback)

• Journey Share (Upgraded version where your posts are guaranteed to be seen by every user on the app)