Mini Kamagon - 9" (Grey)

Mini Kamagon - 9" (Grey)

Physical Company

  • £62.68

The Kamagon Ball has a little brother. The Mini Kamagon ball is a unique core stability product that bridges a necessary gap in the functional training market. Ideal for instability training it engages large muscle groups and a greater number of muscle fibres to compensate for the shifting load.

The Mini Kamagon Ball holds up to 13lb (5kg) and users can use the imprinted water lines on the ball to fill up the water to different weights

It size makes it ideal for portability.

  • Mini Kamagon Ball uses ''hydro-inertia'' to recruit a greater number of muscle fibres 
  • Used for full body workouts engaging in full range of motion exercises 
  • Can be filled with water to create variable shifting loads

     Warranty: 1 Year

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