Lonsdale PU Straight Punchbag - All Sizes & Weights


  • £57.99

The Lonsdale PU boxing bags are a boxing bag for both beginners and improvers. It is ideal to be used at home or in sporting centres for medium levels. The Lonsdale boxing bags have a PU outer layer and a soft filling, which will soften the impact of your kicks and punches. Hanging up the bags are very easy thanks to the straps already present on the bag. An extra chain is not required. The bags

are ideal for punches and kicks and can be used by beginners and improvers.

3ft: Dimensions: 24kg 34cm x 34cm x 92cm. (Approx)

4ft: Dimensions: 30kg 34cm x 34cm x 122cm. (Approx)

5ft: Dimensions: 34kg 34cm x 34cm x 153cm. (Approx)


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