Lion Training Gloves

Lion Training Gloves


  • £35.99

Designed for upmost comfort and reliability when sparring or practicing with a punching bag, the Lonsdale Lion training gloves are made from fine synthetic leather to ensure essential longevity and overall impressive durability. The Lonsdale logotypes provide a well-known classic appearance, whilst the M:Core technology ensures proper freshness and dry feel by properly regulating the inner temperature. Also, whenever you are practicing, the gloves provide increased cushioning and impact absorption with the L:Core technology, whereas the Velcro strap delivers proper fit and comfort.

  • Excellent for sparring and punching bag training
  • L:CORE technology for comfort and cushioning
  • M:CORE technology for temperature regulation
  • Velcro wrist strap ensures comfort and excellent fit
  • Lonsdale logo
  • Material: Fine synthetic leather
  • Colour: Blue/Black

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