L-CORE LEATHER PUNCH BAG - All Weights & Sizes


  • £119.98

Lonsdale L-Core Leather Punch Bags are a standard boxing bag to practise all possible combinations. The bag is ideal for boxing, kick boxing and mma. It has a leather outer layer. The boxing bag is designed with L:Core technology: it ensures kicks and punches are absorbed and distributed. The impact on hands and legs is less strong and injuries are less likely to happen. The filling of the L:Core boxing bag consists of shredded cotton and synthetic leather. To ensure more stability, the bag has a D-ring on the bottom side, to which an elastic band could be attached. The bag has 4 or 6 suspension hooks on the top and a zip.

Heavy: Dimensions: 28kg 36cm x 36cm x 100cm. (Approx) Requires 4 Hook Chain

Extra Heavy: Dimensions: 32kg 36cm x 36cm x 118cm. (Approx) Requires 4 Hook Chain

Super heavy: Dimensions: 42kg 40cm x 40cm x 125cm. (Approx) Requires a 4 Hook Chain

Collosus: Dimensions: 60kg 40cm x 40cm x 143cm. (Approx) Requires 6 Hook Chain

6ft Kick/Punch: Dimensions: 42kg 40cm x 40cm x 180cm.(Approx). Requires 4 Hook Chain

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