Forge Classic 2m Base

Forge Classic 2m Base

Physical Company

  • £3,893.39
  • Save £432.60

A strong foundtation upon which to build your ideal functional rig to enhance your gym floor.

Improve the Rigs offerings with a a cable pulley system that allows users to workout isolated muslce groups.

The Forge Classic comes with integrated in-built storage for loose fitness kit and monkey bars along the middle of the frame

Features include:

- Available in 2m and 3m base

- Monkey Bars included on all classic rigs

-Sturdy frame

Full commercial warranty available. Lifetime on main frame (excluding surface finish). 2 years on all moving parts (bearing, pulleys, etc.). 1 year on cables, handles and spring loaded pins. 3 months manufacturer's warranty on upholstery.

This highly versatile rig offers the opportunity to be extended by adding accessories including: Dip Station, Target, Loop Attachments and many more.

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