Excellerator Women's Resistance Tubing Jump Rope

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The first resistance tubing jump rope for women, an innovation from Exccelerator! The new women resistance tubing jump rope is perfect to combine cardio jumping exercises and resistance training. With its ball bearings system and white ergonomic handles, the resistance tubing jump rope strengthens muscles AND gives an excellent cardiovascular workout. The threaded handles can also receive weights to reinforce forearms, biceps and shoulders. Comes with a natural cotton pouch. Resistance tubing jump rope for people under 5' 9''. Resistance of 13.20 lb. 
  • Elastic Skipping Rope Designed To Combine Cardio Jumping Exercises and Resistance Training
  • Ergonomic Handles for Better Grip
  • High Quality Ball Bearings for Speed and Comfort During Exercise
  • Resistance of 13.20 lb
  • Cotton Pouch Included and Cord Diameter: 0.31''