AIREX Wall Bracket for Mats without Eyelets

Physical Company

  • £148.42
  • Save £16.50

The 65cm wall bracket is designed to fit 10 x Coronella, 15 x Fitline 140, 18 x YogaPilates 190 mats, 25 x Super Deluxe Sticky Mats and 20 x Synergy Eco mats 6.5mm.

There is a new mat storage system for AIREX mat products which is well thought-out and stylish. There is a choice of two designs: a hanging frame on a sturdy wall bracket and for the mats that are equipped with eyelets a pronged system by which they are hung up. Both systems are made from top-quality stainless chrome steel. So if your AIREX mats are not required at any particular moment they can now be easily and appropriately stowed away.

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