Electronic Gym Timer

Electronic Gym Timer


  • £134.99

The newly upgraded Lonsdale Electronic Timer is for use as a boxing or circuit training-timer. It features hi-visibility 55mm digits with a Preset 2 or 3 minute round/30 or 60 second rest durations. Now with an additional Round time button with 1-6 round options. The large digital display counts up or down through the rounds and rest periods with the option of pausing the timer at any point.

The number of rounds elapsed can be displayed and the timer can be reset at any time. With a very loud buzzer that has an output of 110dB at 1 meter it can be heard against the back ground noise off the gym.

  • Lonsdale Electronic Timer
  • Large visible display digits
  • Variable round settings
  • Loud 110db buzzer

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