Wall Pad

Wall Pad

Serious Fitness

  • £165.00

  • Excellent tool for training Wall Dummy.
  • Leather cover with super dense multi layered, SUPPLE inside for a professional workout.
  • The Wall Pad is the ideal combination of protruded and angled top area with the extended bottom target area (body) for an incredible training bag.
  •    Metal frame and wood back make this a great bag for gym and home use in both wood stud or masonry walls.
  •     Ideal for multiple use e.g Kicks, Punches, Knee Kicks, Upper cut punch boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA Training
  • Comes with all screws.

Dimension 24 inch Long X 14 inch Wide , upper Thickness 14 inch lower 

Thickness 9 inch. approx.

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